Why SEO Works and How to Tell

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the way to increase the reach of your business in today’s increasingly digital world. At Lifted Logic, we focus our efforts on White Hat SEO, meaning value-driven content creation, blogging, and clean code.

With these methods, we can help you get to the top of a given search engine results page (SERP) and keep you there, as opposed to Black Hat SEO that bends rules and manipulates search engines to give a boost that’s quick to fade. But that’s because we’re the best SEO company in Kansas City 😉

Let’s take a quick peek at some SEO statistics that illustrate how important it is to have a strong SEO campaign if you want to generate leads online.

Is SEO worth the investment?

A note on Google algorithms and SEO

Actually, not really. When a digital agency talks about SEO best practices, they’re talking about things that cater to the user experience, not the crawlers. Being up-to-date on the latest Google Search updates is always smart, but users are always going to be the focus.

Local SEO Statistics

Ever since Google’s Pigeon release in 2014, it’s been easier for local businesses to compete with national names. It works by boosting your site by proximity for location-specific searches.

So, for example, someone who lives near your pizza shop searches “pizza near me.” Your small pizza shop doesn’t have the authority that national chains have when it comes to search, but thanks to that important algorithm update, your business has a better chance of showing up in the search because of your close proximity. To take advantage, you’ve got to have a web presence doing at least some SEO.

If you’re curious whether it’s important for your small, locally owned business to show up in the local pack of a SERP (or even just the first page!), consider these SEO statistics:

To translate: pretty much everyone is searching online for businesses in 2021. And when someone finds the information they’re looking for online, it can provide them with the accessibility and resources they need to feel confident in making a purchase.

Voice Search Statistics

Half of all search queries are voice searches, and it’s changing the landscape of SEO.

Voice searches are more conversational, so businesses need to use more conversational language on their website to optimize for them. Someone is likely to type “plumber near me” into the search bar, but voice searches are more natural, like: “what’s the nearest plumber?” Why does any of it matter? Let’s find out:

Here is where our voice search / SEO statistics get a little more interesting. The stat above refers to items that rank in the top three results on a Google SERP. Considering the prevalence of voice search from mobile devices and the fact that there are 127.8 million Android users in the US, ranking high on Google is important.


There are still 100 million iPhone users, and for the skyrocketing number of smart speakers used in American homes, Amazon Echo dominates with nearly 70% of the market. Why does that matter? Because Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistants use Bing search. You want your SEO to work across the board for every different search engine as the landscape of search changes.

Mobile SEO Statistics

With smartphones in so many millions of hands, people are seeing so much more content than they’ve ever been exposed to before.

So how do you know SEO is working?

There is another factor that has to be taken into account. The SEO statistics I’ve talked about are all proof of how effective SEO is at drawing an audience. But SEO goes hand in hand with conversion rate optimization (CRO). Once people are on your site, they need to be engaged enough to convert into a lead. Your web design, professional development features like fast page load times and compelling animations, and quality copywriting all work together with the SEO driving your traffic to create conversions.

But in a broader sense, you can tell SEO works by looking at your numbers. Good SEO leads to higher ranking in search engines and higher conversions for your business. Put simply: good SEO, partnered with CRO, can make you more money. It might take a little time for White Hat SEO to kick in, but for most industries and markets, you should expect results in 4 to 6 months when working with an SEO Company. And after 12 months of consistent SEO work, results should be substantially higher.

You want to set strong (but reasonable) key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure throughout your SEO strategy. Things like an increase in appointment bookings or a higher average amount for purchases are excellent indicators your SEO and CRO are working.

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Drive your business with SEO

Doing some basic keyword research will arm you with the words and phrases your content should include. Commit to filling your website with copywriting that hits the search terms you need, while informing users about your business. Oh, and did I mention that SEO content needs to be regularly updated to stay relevant?

Sound like a lot? Tap the pros at Lifted Logic

No matter the size, if your company needs help driving web traffic through great SEO, we’re here to help. We’ve got you covered with high-quality content, superior web development and design, and all the SEO tools needed to ensure that your business grows.

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